With the ever growing popularity of energy drinks, alcoholic drink companies, in an effort to get into this profitable new market trend, have introduced their own versions. These are mixtures containing varying amounts of 6% to 12% alcohol; up to 5 times the levels of caffeine in a cup of coffee; ginseng for memory; Guarana to fight fatigue; and Taurine, which helps regulate water and salt in the blood. These drinks are packaged in similar ways to some non-alcoholic beverages.


As of 2010, sales for alcoholic energy drinks continue to soar. With over 50 alcoholic energy drinks on the market today, there is a wide variety to choose from; the following six drinks are a sampling of the market.

United Brands – 3Sum, Max Vibe

Max Vibe comes in 3 flavors all containing 12% alcohol, caffeine, taurine and ginseng. Three variations available: Buzz:8, Taste 8 and Packaging 8.

3Sum is sold with 6.0 % alcohol in four flavors; original berry mix, tart apple, exotic fruit tropical and summer watermelon.

Mix Master Beverage Company - 24/7

Introduced as a malt energy drink, this bold, green-colored beverage was released with its claim to fame on the packaging as “the biggest can with more alcohol content” ever sold.

MillerCoors Brewing Company – Sparks, Sparks Light and Sparks Plus

The taste of Sparks is similar to the non alcoholic energy drink Red Bull and comes in 10 or 16 oz. cans. Sparks and Sparks Light contains 6% to 8% alcohol content. It is available in five flavors: sweet berry, tart berry, blackberry, cherry and lemon.

Charge Beverages Corporation – Liquid Core, Spiked Core

A whopping 12% alcohol content comes in these 16 oz beverages. They contain a high energy ingredient formula and come in triple berry, strawberry lemonade, spiked punch, lemon lime, orange HG. An additional flavor, El Jefe – High Gravity Grape, is sold in a 32 oz. can.

Phusion Projects, LLC – Four Loko, Four MaXed and Earthquake

Started by three college students from an Ohio University in 2006, this line of fruity flavored alcoholic energy drinks has become known as “blackout in a can” by college students. Four Loko has come under serious scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration due to campus abuse.

New Century Brewing Co. - Moonshot '69

Moonshot '69 was first introduced to the drinking public as the first premium beer with a caffeine boost. Unlike the previous drinks, it does not contain the fruity flavors that are more attractive to younger drinkers.