Fresh spices and herbs

One of the great things about cooking with eggs is that you can use just about any spice to enhance the dish. Omelets, for example, often use chives, tarragon or chervil while a frittata tastes delicious with basil or parsley. You might try using paprika, thyme, cumin or tarragon with a quiche, or whip up an egg scramble using herbs de Provence, dill or chili powder. Once you understand how a spice tastes, you can work it into a variety of egg dishes.


Tarragon is a strong spice and can be overpowering if you use too much. Eggs are one of the best dishes in which to use tarragon and it can be added to any egg dish. Try incorporating a hint of tarragon to a Hollandaise sauce for a delicious egg dish.


Chervil is a spice that tastes like a mix of anise and parsley. Using chervil in an omelet or frittata will have people wondering what that yummy taste is without the spice overpowering the egg dish. You can even toss a bit of chervil in with an egg scramble. The spice can help enhance other, more subtle spices as well.


A variety of types of basil exist, each of which work well in different recipes. Try a simple frittata with a bit of basil for breakfast, the basil will provide all the flavor you need. Basil is also used in pesto and a scrambled egg sandwich with a little pesto is very tasty.


Thyme is similar to basil in that it works well with a number of egg dishes. Thyme also enhances the flavor of cooked vegetables, such as asparagus, mushrooms, onions and peppers, all of which pair nicely with an omelet or frittata.


Cumin can add subtle spice to an egg dish. It’s a semi-hot spice, though nowhere near the level of a chili powder and packs quite a bit of flavor. Add a hint of cumin to a quiche or omelet for a burst of flavor.


Use fresh dill in an egg salad if you can, but dried dill works well too. The dill adds a pop of fresh flavor that pairs well with eggs and you don’t need a lot of other ingredients in your egg dish when you use dill.

Chili Powder

Chili powder packs a good deal of heat so only use it if you want a spicy egg dish and even then, use it sparingly. Adding a dash of chili powder to deviled eggs or a spicy omelet can liven up a simple egg dish.


You may be most familiar with paprika as a spice used on deviled eggs. The paprika, while not an overly distinctive spice, balances well with the deviled egg mixture. Try sprinkling a little paprika on an egg scramble or in a quiche.