While alcoholic drinks are often made from brewed or distilled grains, some contain no grain at all. These beverages include fruit-based drinks such as wine, as well as drinks made from a variety of animal and non-fruit plant products.

Fruit Alcohol

Alcoholic drinks made from fruit generally do not contain grain. These include all types of wine as well as drinks made from wine, such as brandy. Other fruit-based alcoholic drinks include cider, which is made from apples, and perry, made from pears. Fruit brandies like palinka or slivovitz also contain no grain.

Non-Fruit-Based Drinks

Alcoholic beverages can be made from a range of plants other than grain or fruit. For instance, tequila is made from the agave cactus, while cachaca is made from sugarcane juice.

Animal Products

Alcoholic drinks made from animal products include mead, which is made from honey, and kumis, made from fermented horse milk. These products don’t contain grain unless they are mixed with grain alcohol.