Ways to Use Nutella

By Kathryn Walsh

Sweet and nutty, Nutella has solidified its place in the hearts and palettes of chocolate lovers everywhere. It's plenty satisfying by the spoonful, but Nutella uses go far beyond that. This chocolate-hazelnut spread is hardly diet food, and neither are many of the dishes in which it's used -- but these sweet treats are well worth the calories.

As a Spread

Smear it on toast. Spread it on a cinnamon bagel. Coat slices of toasted pound cake with it. Nutella can be used as a simple spread for any number of sweet and savory foods. Slather it on banana slices, salty crackers and even crispy slices of bacon.

As a Dip

Sturdy items, like pretzel rods and chunks of baguette, are tough enough to withstand being dunked directly into a bowl of Nutella. But because this spread is dense, delicate foods can fall apart when dipped into it. Solve that problem by warming a little heavy cream and stirring it into the chocolate to thin it out.

Dip chunks of mango, bananas, apples, strawberries and other fruits into the chocolate, or use it as a dip for vanilla cookies or graham crackers.

As a Filling

Substitute Nutella for the jelly in a PB&J for a sandwich that would make anyone feel like a kid again. This spread is also a classic crepe filling; add sliced strawberries or chopped and toasted nuts to the dish.

Nutella can also be baked into your favorite sweets. Swirl it into banana bread, cupcakes and pound cake using the same technique: pour half the bread or cake batter in the pan, drizzle in some Nutella and top it with the remaining batter. Lightly drag a butter knife through the batter so the Nutella is swirled throughout.

In Drinks

If your drinks just don't contain enough chocolate for your tastes, add some Nutella. Stir it into cold milk to make a variation on classic chocolate milk, or add it to warm milk to make hot chocolate -- hazelnut liqueur or rum is optional.

Add a spoonful of Nutella to a chocolate or vanilla shake, or mix it into a smoothie with banana and strawberries.

More Uses

  • Take Nutella out to the campfire. Use a smear of this spread in place of a chocolate bar to make s'mores. You can also make no-heat indoors s'mores using graham crackers, Nutella and marshmallow creme.
  • Make dessert pizzas using Nutella instead of tomato sauce. Use a large cookie, plain baked pizza dough or even toasted English muffins as crust and top the pizza with candy, nuts and fruit.
  • Sandwich Nutella between bread, then soak the entire sandwich in a milk and egg mixture and cook it into stuffed French toast.
  • Make a super-simple version of flourless chocolate cake using just Nutella and eggs.
  • Use Nutella thinned with warm cream in place of hot fudge on ice cream.