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Hair type often varies with ethnicity, and each ethnic background requires different care for hair. Asian hair tends to be straight or slightly wavy, with a thick or coarse texture. The number of cuticles and their arrangement on the hair shaft determine the texture and strength of hair. Asian hair typically has many cuticles that are tightly packed together, resulting in a thick strand of hair.


Washing Hair
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Shampoo Asian hair only as frequently as needed. Select a shampoo designed specifically for Asian hair or one that meets your particular needs (such as a moisturizing shampoo or shine enhancing shampoo). Specialty shampoos can be found at ethnic beauty stores or salons. Shampoo your hair under running, slightly warm water, and take care not to tangle your hair while lathering. Rinse the shampoo completely from your hair and if you wish, run your hair under cool water to enhance shine.


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Use a conditioner after shampooing to protect your hair. Select a conditioner designed for use with Asian hair, or use one that works well with your particular hair needs. Apply conditioner to clean, wet hair. Do not apply conditioner to the roots of the hair, but rather begin several inches from the root line, with a concentration of product on the ends of the hair. Conditioner applied to the roots may weigh hair down and make hair flat. Apply conditioner gently to avoid tangling and breaking your hair. Leave the conditioner on for the length of time recommended by the manufacturer, and rinse thoroughly.


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Dry your hair carefully and gently, as Asian hair can be prone to tangling and breakage. Avoid using heat dryers or other heat hair styling appliances. Dry your hair by patting it gently with a towel and then allow your hair to dry naturally whenever possible.


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Use a comb to detangle Asian hair, especially when the hair is wet. Using a brush on wet hair causes damage. Only use a brush once the hair is already dry.

Styling Products

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Using styling products may weigh Asian hair down, especially if they are applied near the roots. If you choose to use a styling product, look for one that is designed for use in Asian hair.

Trims or Hair Cuts

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Trim or cut Asian hair every 6 or 8 weeks to keep the ends healthy and to avoid breakage and damage. Choose a stylist that is experience in caring for Asian hair so that you receive the best hair care and haircut possible.