Pieces of sausage fried.

Canned pork is one of those items on the shelf that never seems to make it to the table. You may have bought it when severe weather threatened or someone may have given you the canned pork because they also had no idea how to use it. Canned pork is tasty in an entree and also works in several appetizer recipes. The meat is precooked, so preparation time for any of the recipes is low.

Appetizers and Sides

Canned pork adds a great flavor to the appetizer table. You can fill wonton wrappers with a mixture of canned pork and vegetables and bake them for bite-sized treats. Stick with an Asian theme and make egg rolls or decadent pot stickers. For a more traditional appetizer, turn sweet potatoes into twice baked stuffed potatoes by mixing the flesh with canned pork and a little brown sugar. Broil and serve with creamy butter.


Soup is one of the best comfort foods. The ease of canned pork make soups that include it a snap to serve at the dinner table. The meat does well in any bean soup or chili recipe. Any time a recipe calls for chicken, substitute canned pork. Vegetable pork soup, served with a salad and dinner rolls, makes a hearty lunch on chilly days.


One of the best ways to serve canned pork is by slow-cooking it in your favorite barbeque sauce and serving the meat on sandwich buns. This quick version of a pulled-pork sandwich tastes great with horseradish or coleslaw. You don't need the barbeque sauce to make other tasty sandwiches with canned pork. Spice things up by piling the pork on a hoagy bun and topping it with grilled peppers and onions. Add muenster cheese for more flavor.


The entree option for canned pork are endless. You can use the meat in tacos, fajitas, casseroles, pot pies and stews. Chunk up sweet potatoes and apples, toss with canned pork, top with a few dots of butter and bake in the oven for 45 minutes. Another recipe that lends itself to using canned pork is shepherd's pie. If you prefer Asian cuisine, use canned pork in any of your favorite stir fry recipes.