By Melissa Diem

You may not want to wear a lip ring or other lip jewelry at school or work or in other circumstances. Unfortunately, removing your lip ring for lengthy periods of time can cause the piercing hole to close. Learning techniques for concealing a lip piercing will allow you to conceal the piercing while preventing the hole from closing.

There may be times when you want to conceal your piercing.


Using concealer helps cover up a lip ring. Find a heavy concealer in your natural shade. Cover the tip of the ring and the surrounding skin with the concealer. You may want to cover the piercing with a bandage before adding concealer, to prevent possible infection.

Clear Retainer

Professional piercing shops carry clear lip piercing retainers which are used to conceal lip piercings. These retainers are made from special plastics. You can also purchase clear glass or acrylic retainers.

Flesh-Colored Retainer

Flesh retainers are similar to clear retainers. Local piercing shops may also carry them as a piercing cover-up option. Unlike clear retainers, flesh containers have a skin colored stud that blends in with your skin tone.

Remove the Ring

Leaving the hole open for a couple of hours will not cause it to close up. Don't worry if you have no other option but to remove your lip jewelry. Just make sure to put the ring back in as soon as possible.