A vodka and club soda mixture is a classic cocktail drink. There are many ways to jazz this classic up, however. Adding other liqueurs, using fruit or adding juice are simple ways to give this cocktail a bit more pizazz.

Fruity Cocktails

These cocktails all include various juices, vodka and club soda to make a fruity cocktail. A Sunny Delight cocktail mixes orange juice with club soda and vodka. A Lemon Fizz combines lemonade, vodka and club soda for a fizzy drink with a kick. An Abelito is a fizzy twist on a regular old cranberry and vodka, adding bubbles with some club soda. A California Screwdriver is a fruity mix of orange juice, vodka, Grand Marnier and club soda.

Cocktails with a Punch

These cocktails all include vodka, club soda and at least one other liquor, creating quite a punch. A Blue Ice Mountain combines blue curacao liqueur with vodka and club soda. A Drunken Madness cocktail is a mixture of vodka, peach schnapps, grenadine and orange juice, heavy on the liqueurs. A New York Lemonade is made with lemon vodka, Grand Marnier, lemon juice and club soda, for a mixed drink that will knock you off your feet. A Panther Juice is only for serious drinkers. It is a heavy mixture of Jagermaister liqueur, Hawaiian Punch, Mountain Dew soda, vodka, club soda, lemon juice and lime juice.


Martinis combining vodka with club soda make a classy alcoholic drink. A Kick Your Butt dirty martini combines vodka, vermouth and olive juice in a martini glass. A Vodka Swizzle is a martini that combines vodka with club soda, sugar and lime juice. An Appleton Skyy martini combine Skyy vodka with dark rum and club soda for a robust drink.