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Acne-ridden and sun-damaged skin can sometimes leave unattractive brown and discolored spots on the skin. For those that such discolorations, it can be a source of embarrassment and self-consciousness. Dark skin spots can also be difficult to get rid of or to fade. However, vitamin E oil can not only give a glow to the skin but often is very helpful in diminishing the appearance of dark skin spots and discolorations.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is known to help the skin fight against damaging free radicals that speed the aging process hence speeding the appearance of wrinkles. Free radicals are also to blame for the development of several cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Dark Skin Spot Causes

Obviously one of the more common causes of dark spots on the skin are post-inflammatory marks left after an acne breakout.

Additionally certain medications can increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun and lead to dark discolorations. Medications like estrogens, tetracyclines, amiodarone, phenytoin and sulfonamides are all known to increase the skin's sensitivity to sun exposure.

Also pregnancy, liver disease, Addison's disease and pituitary tumors can all cause discolorations or dark spots on the skin.

Benefits of Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is added to many skin care and hair care products due to its many beneficial qualities. It contains many antioxidants and moisturizers that improve the appearance and health of the epidermis and hair follicles.

Although, vitamin E oil can often be applied alone and still proven to be highly helpful for repairing dry cuticles, adding a glow to the skin and massaging the body for increased relaxation.

Finally, it is also helpful in speeding the repair time for minor cuts and burns. The vitamin E oil will kill potential harmful bacteria and decrease the time to close an open wound.

Fade Dark Skin Spots

Not only are dark spots unattractive but also they can often make people look older, which of course is never ideal. Simply buy vitamin E capsules, puncture them and squeezing the oil directly onto the spots daily, a noticeable difference should be seen in 6 months to a year. Obviously, patience is key to this method.

However, rest assured that vitamin e oil rarely irritates the skin so although slow in results the skin will no doubt benefit without causing more acne or redness.

Also ingesting 15 mg a day will also help to keep the body and skin healthy.

Further Recommedations

Exfoliate once to twice a week but make sure not to overexfoliate. Exfoliation will remove dead skin cells and increase skin cell turnover revealing new more even toned skin. Although over exfoliating the skin can make matters worse by making the skin more sensitive to the sun and possibly causing it to be red in appearance.

Using a brightening serum can also help. If you do choose to use a brightening serum, remember to use a moisturizer with a high SPF or a separate sun block in addition to your moisturizer. Even if you are not using a brightening serum, some form of sun block is recommended at least in an effort to avoid skin cancer.

If you want to us something more natural squeeze pure lemon juice on cotton swabs on the discolorations on your skin. Lemon juice is a natural skin lightener.