Vinegar Detox Bath

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A detox bath is a home remedy designed to cleanse the body of impurities and promote general health. Some baths are specifically for certain ailments. For example, the vinegar detox bath is thought to relieve the effects of inflammatory illnesses such as arthritis and gout, according to This vinegar detox bath is simple and can be prepared in minutes.

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Vinegar Detox Bath

Preparing the Bath

To prepare a vinegar detox bath, begin running a bathtub full of water that is as hot as possible, but is comfortable for bathing. Add 2 cups of apple cider vinegar to the hot bath water and 1 tbsp. of ground ginger. Bathe in the solution for around 30 minutes, and use a washcloth to make sure the entire body has some contact with the vinegar bath. When the time is up, drain the bath and turn on the shower and rinse with very warm water. It is ideal to keep the body temperature up after the bath to promote more sweating. So wrapping up in a thick bathrobe is a good idea. The hot water and vinegar will work to clean and open up the pores and allow the body to naturally perspire and flush toxins out of the system. The addition of the ginger will also promote sweating.


The heat and the vinegar can cause sweating for awhile following the bath. It is important to drink plenty of water even before you get into the bath. Water helps with the flushing out of toxins and also prevents dehydration. Drink a glass of water while the bath is running and keep a glass of water beside the tub during the detox bath and refill it afterward as you continue to sweat.


When performing a cleanse of any kind, suggests taking a cleansing bath at least twice per week. However, even if you are not undergoing a cleansing program of some other kind simultaneously, the baths are helpful for body detoxification and general healthy living. According to the website, these baths are also helpful for children's health and can even help with the itching and redness associated with chickenpox.