Urban Fashions in the 80s

By Tabitha Harwell

Show off your inner hip-hop diva by dressing similar to the urban style of the '80s. Urban fashions of the '80s came directly from sportswear companies that already had a high influence on dress for both men and women. Companies such as Le Coq Sportif, Adidas and Pro-Ked were among the leaders for urban fashion development.

Complete the urban '80s trend with appropriate hair and makeup.

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Tracksuits were the rage during the '80s and came in every color imaginable. Both men and women wore the outfit that was made from cotton, velour or polyester. True to their name, tracksuits played a large role in athletic apparel; however, people who were not athletic still sported the trendy outfit. In addition to track suits, parachute pants and starter jackets became hip to sport during the late '80s. Manufacturers made starter jackets to represent nationwide sporting teams such as the Raiders. Other urban apparel includes bomber jackets, Dickies pants, flannel shirts, jean shirts, mini-skirts and jean jackets.


Shoes played a large role in urban dressing during the '80s. Both men and women would flock to the stores to purchase the newest item in footwear. Shoes brands, such as Puma, Converse and Nike, set the trend in the '80s and are still hip today. Urban shoes had wide bases and oversized laces. The laces would be basic black or white, or brighter shades of neon such as yellow, green and pink.


Accessories played a large role during the '80s. Men typically wore gold jewelry, such as gold earrings, bracelets and necklaces on a daily bases. Both men and women wore belt buckles with their names or initials on the front. Other urban accessories include bucket hats and large sunglasses, both of which never went out of style. Accent a tracksuit with gold jewelry to represent a man in the '80s, or pair a large, oversized pair of sunglasses with a bomber jacket for a woman.


The '80s were all about style. Models walked the runway wearing black catsuits and heavy gold jewelry to bring the urban feeling into the fashion industry by incorporating the famous spandex look of the '80s with the urban accessory of gold. Once rap duo Kriss Kross entered the scene in the late '80s, people began to wear clothing backwards to replicate their look. Near the end of the '80s, men began to wear their pants a little lower, exposing their briefs under the pants. Women began to wear shorter skirts, without leggings but kept the famous shoe style.