Types of Grain Alcohol

All alcohol comes from the fermentation and distillation of a type of grain, including wheat, corn, rice or rye. However, each grain produces a different type of alcohol. Spirits that are called grain alcohols are made from corn, yeast, sugar and water. Also known as ethanol, grain alcohol is a twice distilled, neutral spirit with 95-percent alcohol content (190-proof). Yup, this is the real hard stuff!


You've probably heard of Everclear, but most likely you've never tasted it. It's actually illegal in some US states, thanks to its super-high alcohol content. This spirit comes in 151- and 190-proof versions.

Golden Grain

Golden Grain is a also a 190-proof alcohol manufactured by Luxco, the same company that produces Everclear. Unlike Everclear, Golden Grain only comes in one very potent variety: 95-percent alcohol by volume.


The Canadian company Kittling Ridge Ltd. manufactures Alcohol-95. It contains 95-percent alcohol (or 190-proof).