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When the melanocytes present in hair follicles stop their normal rate of production of the pigment melanin, white hair results. The reason behind this could be anything from aging or lack of nutrition to sudden shock and trauma, heredity or stress. While there is a plethora of over-the-counter products and medications available in the pharmacy to treat white hair or dye it, there are also some treatments for the condition that comprise easy remedies with natural ingredients.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry or amla is readily available in any Indian specialty store. This fruit has been used to treat and prevent white hair and is said to be a potent hair tonic that makes the hair richer by enhancing the pigmentation capability of the hair follicles. It is prepared by soaking a few pieces of fresh amla in a cup of water overnight. The amla pieces are then strained and the water is used to rinse the hair after shampooing.


Another potent home remedy for white hair treatment is amaranth. This is available in specialty organic stores. A handful of amaranth leaves is ground into a paste. The juice is squeezed out and applied to the roots of the hair and along the length of the hair strands. This treatment is used to help the hair retain its dark pigmentation and keep premature graying at bay. It is also said to keep the hair soft and help it to grow healthy and strong.

Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are available in almost all Indian sections of grocery stores. Curry leaves are added to food or made into a paste with spices that can be used as a sauce or added to buttermilk. The curry leaves are said to add bounce to the hair and help it grow with your natural dark pigmentation. A handful of these leaves are often boiled in coconut oil and the resulting concoction used as a hair tonic for white hair treatment.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is another remedy that has been used for white hair. The juice of squeezed lemons is mixed with coconut oil and heated. This warm concoction is then rubbed into the scalp at the roots every other night before bedtime. It is then washed away with shampoo and water the next morning. Another lemon juice remedy consists of a mixture of half a squeezed lemon and castor oil. The mixture is blended until it becomes froth-like. It is then mixed with henna powder and applied to the scalp. It is left on the hair for a few hours before being washed away.

Other Tips

Butter is said to help prevent further graying of the hair. It is advised to take a spoonful of butter with meals and massage the same quantity into the hair roots at least two times a week. The fresh juice of carrots, capsicum (hot peppers), alfalfa or lettuce helps in reducing a copper deficiency, which may in turn help treat white hair and nurse it back to pigmentation.

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