Top Male Hispanic Hairstyles

By LeafTV Editor

Each ethnicity has its own type of hair. This means some styling techniques work better than others on Hispanic hair.

A man with a long hairstyle.

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As Ana Nin of Salon Tips Cuts Dominican in Deltona told the Orlando Sentinel, "Hair from white people is easy and quick. But with Latino and black hair, which can be curly, thicker or kinky, we have to take our time. Other places just burn that hair."

There are several male hairstyles that work on Hispanic hair.

Close Shave

A close shave is a confident and simple look. While this look can be achieved using an electronic razor at home, a trip to a men's barber shop will provide a precise cut. Wilmer Valderrama is the Hispanic celebrity best known for this haircut. No product is needed.

Short and Spiky

A good medium length look for Hispanic men is messy, spiked hair. This look is worn by Hispanic celebrities such as soccer player Carlos Bocanegra and actor Adam Rodriguez.

Start by towel drying your hair after your morning shower. Once dry, put a light layer of styling gel or pomade on your hands and rub thoroughly. Don't use too much—this will ruin the look.

Lightly work the product through your hair. Use hairspray for extra hold.

Long Layers

Long haircuts that may work for Hispanic males include precision cuts, a single length style and razor cuts. This look is easy going and effortless. Benicio Del Toro is an excellent example of a well-known Hispanic man with a long layered hairstyle. Long hair often requires less product than short hair for styling, so a small amount of gel or cream should work to style men's long hair.