Women's ballet flats have been a staple of fashion since ancient times. Back in the 16th century, both men and women slipped on these comfortable shoes before going out. Nowadays, this is a fashion reserved only for women. Ballet flats mimic ballet shoes and can be sold in a variety of materials. Shoes with a sturdy sole may need a bit of breaking in before being worn comfortably on the heel.

The Proper Fit

Before you purchase a ballet flat, make sure you have a proper fit at the heel to ensure you won't experience pain after its been broken in. Some ballet fats have heels with elastic on them, making them easier to slide on and wear. Those with harder heels may actually hurt your feet, so it is important that they are not too big or too small. A shoe that does not fit correctly at the heel can cause rubbing, blisters and bleeding. Although it can be a pain, try on several types of ballet flats in the store and make sure the shoe fits comfortably on your heel before purchase.

Heel Liners

Purchase a pair of heel liners at your local drugstore. This will help your heels mold to the shoe and keep them in place. Heel liners can help remedy a situation if the heel is a little bit too big or too small, allowing for a much better and accurate fit. Place your heel liners in after purchasing the shoes to help them mold to your feet more easily.

Wearing the Shoes

Wearing the shoes may seem like a no-brainer, however, you can make the shoes much more comfortable on your heels by wearing them around the house or out for an hour or two per day before you begin to wear them regularly outside of the house. This will allow the shoe, especially with leather, to mold to your foot before you spend long hours on your feet or walking around, which may cause heel discomfort.

Kneading the Heel

Kneading the heel can help loosen up the sole of the ballet flat, which will make the shoe less stiff and in turn less hard on the heel. Simply take the heel in your hand with a firm grip and move it gently back and forth. Take care not to break the sole as you do this. If the shoe still hurts your heel, take it to a shoe store and have the heel professionally stretched to make it more comfortable.