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Cupcakes cooked in a paper backing keep the chaos to a minimum and the portions manageable. Unfortunately, paper is weak and tends to bend when batter hits it. Paper liners may keep the pan clean and make the cupcakes pretty, but how much batter should you put in a cup? Some simple tips for filling cupcake papers will make the process smooth. Baking secrets offered by amateurs and professionals alike will help you create confections worthy of the town bakery.

Test Cupcake

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If you are using a new recipe, it is difficult to know how high to fill each cup. The amount of the cake mixture used for each recipe varies. Filling one cup to the halfway point and baking it will give you a good idea of the amount of fill needed for each cake. If the cake rises successfully and looks good, you know halfway works. If the test cake is not full enough, the fill is too shallow. Overflowing proves there is too much fill. Baking one test cupcake will save you from cooking a batch with the wrong amount of fill.

2/3 Filling

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If you are working on a recipe that does not indicate how much filling to put in each liner, fill the paper 2/3 of the way. This is a standard for many recipes. A test cake is the best method, but in you do not have the time, go with a 2/3 fill.

Ice-Cream Scoop

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Attempting to pour fill into a cupcake paper does not always go as planned. You may end up spilling half of the batter. The Cupcake Project recommends using an ice-cream scoop. An average-sized, spring-loaded ice-cream scoop will help you control the batter. This means less filling cooking on the outside of the paper. An ice-cream scoop is the perfect utensil for thick batters.

Dry Measuring Cup

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A dry measuring cup works well when the batter is thin. A ice-cream scoop may still drip if the batter is runny. Using a measuring cup helps you control the portion, and many have pour spouts that work well to control the flow.

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