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Many people have old bottles of lotion that they no longer use, for a variety of reasons. Sometimes you buy one and get tired of the scent. Or, you find one that moisturizes your skin more effectively. Whether you want to get rid of your old lotion or re-use it for a different purpose, there are several eco-friendly things you can do with your bottles of old lotion.

Make a Scrub

Old lotion can easily be turned into a great, frugal body scrub. Body scrubs mix a moisturizing element with an exfoliating one, leaving skin clean and smooth. According to Bohemian Revolution, mix 1 cup of your lotion with 1 tbsp. of your exfoliant. There are many options for your exfoliant: ground oatmeal (pulsed in your food processor), ground walnuts, coarse salt, sugar or cornmeal.

Make a Bath Soak

Mix 1 tbsp. lotion with 1 tbsp. essential oil to make a moisturizing bath soak to enjoy as you relax in the tub. You can use any essential oils you like: lavender, vanilla and sage are some that are beneficial for skin.

Give It Away

If the lotion product isn't "old," but you've just gotten sick of it, or it's not quite what you want, there's no reason to throw it away. Instead, give it to a friend. This is a eco-friendly way to share different beauty products.

Recyle the Bottle

If the lotion is simply old (if it's been open for over a year), you should throw the lotion away and recycle the bottle. Using lotion this old can be dangerous for your skin. Many recycling facilities accept #2 HDPE (high density polyethylene) bottles, which lotion bottles are typically made out of. Check with your local facility to see whether they will accept this kind of plastic.