The Very Best Parasite Cleanse

By Brenda Barron

Performing fasts and cleanses are a big part of the alternative health movement, primarily because these techniques help purify the body and remove deadly toxins. That being said, the focus is often on liver and colon cleanses. Parasite cleanses are typically overlooked. However, ridding your body of parasites is just as important, if not more so, than these other cleansing types.

Why You Need a Parasite Cleanse

It is important to periodically undergo a parasite cleanse because these nasty critters are everywhere. Eating undercooked pork or fish can introduce parasites into your body, which can go undetected for years before they start to cause symptoms. Going in the water at a contaminated beach can introduce parasites into your body as can being around animals including your pets. You can't expect to avoid all of these situations all the time, but you can be sure to perform a parasite cleanse to ensure your body is free of these pests.

How to Do a Parasite Cleanse

Performing a parasite cleanse is not at all difficult, but it does require that you follow specific steps. First, take herbal capsules of clove, L-ornithine and wormwood before meals for about a week. Then, mix several drops of black walnut hull tincture to a cup of apple juice. You will continue this for two weeks, then increase your dose of herbal capsules from one each to three. This routine will kill parasites and encourage them to be flushed out of your body.

What to Expect

Most people who perform a parasite cleanse do not suffer from negative side effects. However, if you are transitioning from an unhealthy diet and lifestyle, you may suffer from headaches, diarrhea and other uncomfortable symptoms until the parasites are flushed from your system.


It is important to continue to drink a lot of water while undergoing a parasite cleanse. This will help your body flush out the parasites and keep your digestive system active and regular. Not getting enough water can exacerbate the symptoms of the cleanse and make you feel ill. If you ever feel dizzy, disoriented or unlike yourself while on a cleanse, you should discontinue it and seek medical help.