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The mahogany tree, found in the South Pacific especially on the Solomon Islands, is usually known for its beautiful hardwood that is used for furniture and carvings. However, the mahogany plant also has lesser-known uses -- the seeds of the mahogany fruit can be ground up and taken internally for numerous health benefits.

General Supplement

Mahogany seeds, also known as “sky fruit” seeds to those who are native to the areas where mahogany trees grow, are familiar with taking these seeds as part of a varied and healthful diet. People grind the seeds into powder and drink them with water. Now mahogany seeds are more widely available, often in capsule form, as a dietary supplement. Mahogany seeds contain 33 types of flavonoids and 27 types of saponins, making them even more nutritionally rich that other nutrient-dense plants, such as their relative ginseng. They also contain various vitamins, minerals, proteins and fatty acids that are necessary to healthy body function.

Heart Health

One of the greatest advantages of mahogany seed is its effect on improving blood circulation. The flavonoids in mahogany seed directly aid in improving circulation, while the saponins are good for heart health. This combination of nutrients in the mahogany seed make it a good natural treatment to encourage good heart health and better circulation.

Blood Sugar Regulation

Another positive benefit of mahogany seeds is their effect on regulating blood sugar. For diabetics, taking 1/2 tsp. powdered mahogany seed with warm water before a meal may help keep their blood sugar steady. The various saponins contained by the mahogany plant are directly responsible for helping even out the blood sugar of those who take the seed internally.

Bug Deterrent

Taken in a powdered form, the mahogany seeds can serve as a sort of internal bug spray. Specifically, the saponins in the seeds tend to deter insects. For people living in a tropical climate or who cannot avoid contact with insects such as malaria-bearing mosquitoes, powdered mahogany seed can be used as a supplement to increase protection against insect-borne disease.

Other Uses

Mahogany fruit extract and powdered mahogany seed are both nutritional supplements that can be taken for various positive results. The health benefits of mahogany fruit and seeds include: fighting free radicals with antioxidants, lowering fat build up in the bloodstream, lowering cholesterol levels and enhancing the immune system. Taking a regular mahogany seed supplement can help you improve your health in numerous ways, and thus lead to a better general well-being.