Golden roasted turkey with meat thermometer, close up

Cooking meat can be a challenge, especially considering that everyone has their own preference for doneness. The President's Choice remote meat thermometer lets you know how done the meat is without even opening the oven door. A remote meat thermometer incorporates a probe, which goes inside the meat, and a base, which remains outside of the oven. The probe transmits the meat's temperature to the base, which displays it. With the President's Choice remote meat thermometer, you can always tell precisely how well you have cooked any cut of meat.

Turn the thermometer on using the power button on the base of the device.

Program the thermometer to the desired setting. Use the arrow buttons to input the specific internal temperature you want the meat to reach. You can set the President's Choice remote meat thermometer to either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Stick the stainless steel probe into the meat you have prepared. Ensure the most accurate reading by placing the probe in an area as close to the center of the piece of meat as possible.

Place the meat and probe into the oven or onto the barbecue grill and close the door or lid. Place the base of the President's Choice meat thermometer on a counter or table within earshot.

Remove the meat from the heat when the alarm on the remote base sounds. This tells you that the meat has reached the desired level of doneness.


If the reading is inaccurate, the meat may be undercooked or overdone. This could be the result of a dying or dead battery.