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The lemon packs a powerful punch. With each lip-puckering bite, this fruit can help heal a lot of health problems. Many experts consider lemons to be a natural remedy because it helps solve a number of conditions, including high blood pressure. Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, and people with high blood pressure should particularly take notice of the health benefits of lemon juice.

A Natural Blood Purifier

Raw, extracted lemon juice is rich in vitamin P, a helpful nutrient found in a lot of citrus fruits. Vitamin P is responsible for helping the body absorb Vitamin C, but it also has a vital role in the condition of our blood.Vitamin P promotes capillary health and helps prevent capillary bleeding. It can be found in both the juice and the peel, and it is essential for controlling hemorrhage in a variety of medical conditions. Vitamin P is also beneficial in preventing capillary fragility, according to the Soy Milk Quick.

Rich in Nutrients

Lemon juice has several nutrients. One of these nutrients is vitamin C, a common vitamin found in most fruits. Adding more vitamin C into your diet has been proved to have heart benefits. A study published in Science Daily discovered that a daily dose of vitamin C can significantly reduce an individual’s high blood pressure.

Nitric oxide is a natural component in the human body that relaxes blood vessels. It also contributes to helping the body maintain a healthy blood pressure. However, stress and other factors inactivate or slow nitric oxide’s ability to function. According to the study, an intake of vitamin C helps protect levels of nitric oxide and allows it to perform its natural purpose.

It also contains the mineral potassium. According to GI Care, potassium works with sodium to help keep blood pressure regulated, and studies have also proved that people who consume more potassium have a lower blood pressure than those who consume less of the mineral.

Other valuable nutrients found in lemon juice include vitamin B, phosphorus, proteins and carbohydrates.

Suggested Remedies

Some experts recommend adding lemon juice to your morning routine. Because lemon juice helps to make capillaries flexible, drinking hot water with lemon juice in the morning helps to overcome high blood pressure.

Another remedy suggested by Guma Gumalu calls for boiling barley with buttermilk and adding lemon juice to the concoction. If taken on a regular basis it can help to control hypertension issues.

Room temperature lemons are easier to extract juice from. Microwaving the fruit for a short time is also a tool for juicing, but users should be careful not to boil the lemon.

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