The Effects of Bentonite Clay on the Face

By Holly Smith

Reduce free radical damage, treat blackheads and diminish acne by using bentonite clay. Bentonite is a highly porous healing clay, that contains a negative charge, and is used to absorb toxins, exfoliate, increase circulation and tighten the skin. You may find some bentonite clays labeled as "sodium bentonite clay" or "calcium bentonite clay." Calcium bentonite clay is recommended for facial treatments.

Captiol Reef National Park, Utah
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Bentonite clay is fine volcanic ash.

Anti-Aging Effects

Close-up of a young woman splashing water on her face
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Washing off a clay mask.

Several anti-aging products contain bentonite clay. The clay's detoxification properties neutralize free radical damage that can cause wrinkles, age spots and sagging. The clay's fine texture exfoliates the skin which encourages skin cell turnover. Mix a tiny amount of water with bentonite clay to create a thick mixture. Apply the mixture to your face and allow it to dry for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse the clay off. Your complexion should look more radiant, and the skin will feel tighter. Follow mask treatment with a light moisturizer.

Treat Acne

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Washing your face with bentonite clay may kill bacteria.

Bentonite clay's natural detoxification and antibacterial properties kill bacteria on the skin that cause acne. The clay can also heal and dry up existing pimples quickly. Gently wash your face with a mixture of bentonite clay and water to clarify the pores and purify skin. Spot treat pimples with the clay by dotting a thick mixture of clay and water on pimples and allowing clay to dry to the skin. Rinse thoroughly afterward.

Cleans Pores

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Bentonite clay exfoloiates the skin.

Bentonite clay exfoliates the skin, drawing out blackheads and clarifying the pores. Pour a small amount of the clay into your palm and dampen clay with water. Gently massage the clay onto your face using a circular motion to clean and clarify the pores. Pores appear larger when filled with oil and dirt. Using bentonite clay sloughs off the oil and dirt, thus making pores appear smaller. It may take a few uses over a period of weeks to remove deep, stubborn blackheads. The fine texture of the clay also exfoliates the skin, cleaning pores, and revealing a more radiant complexion.