The Best Way to Store Fresh-Baked Fruit Pie

By John Smith

Nothing is more American in the kitchen than a traditional baked apple pie. Fruit pies are delicious right after they are prepared and they will keep well for a short period of time. The fruit and other perishable ingredients of the pie will eventually ruin and become unsafe to consume. Make sure you store the pie the right way to preserve its freshness and flavor while also making sure it is safe for the family to enjoy.


Step 1

Allow the pie to cool, then cover it will some tinfoil at room temperature. Fruit pies will naturally keep for two days, so leaving it out is fine if you plan on eating it quickly. If you live in a warm climate and don't have an air-conditioned house, this time shrinks to about one day.

Step 2

Place the tinfoil covered pie in the refrigerator to save the pie for up to five days. You should first leave it out for two days and then move the pie to the refrigerator for another two to three days to ensure the freshest flavor.

Step 3

Freeze the pie for six to eight months if you do not plan on eating it immediately. Wait for the pie to completely cool at room temperature after it comes out of the oven. Take freezer wrap or heavy tin-foil and wrap the entire pie tightly. Put this pie into a heavy duty freezer bag and place it into your freezer.