Key Lime Pie With Whipped Cream on a Marble Tabletop.

The epitome of refreshing on a hot summer day, key lime pie hits you like a blast of Arctic air in the desert. Combining a sweet and tart taste with a cool, creamy texture, key lime pie makes a smooth ending to a backyard barbecue or a fitting finale to a fancier fête. You can really ramp up the frosty effect and serve key lime pie frozen. Although the freezer keeps key lime pie safe for consumption indefinitely, you should limit storage to about one month to preserve the velvety smooth texture if you plan to thaw it before serving.

Place the uncovered pie in the freezer with 1 or 2 inches of space on all sides. Chill until it freezes solid, about 2 hours.

Wrap two layers of plastic wrap around both the pie and plate. Rotate the pie by 45 degrees and wrap another two layers around it. Cover the entire pie and seal the seams to minimize contact with oxygen.

Place the pie in a heavy-duty freezer bag and mark the date on it. Store key lime pie in the freezer for up to one month for best quality.


Thaw frozen pies in the refrigerator for one to two hours.

If you want to add a meringue topping, do so right before serving. Meringue develops a rubbery consistency in the freezer.