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Your face is your calling card, so if there are blemishes such as acne or pimples on it then it's up to you to do something about it. If you're prone to blackheads on the nose or elsewhere, you should have a routine for removing them that works. Read on for some invaluable advice.

Nose Blackheads

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Most pimples occur on the forehead, cheeks or chin and tend to be the whitehead variety that contain pus, hence, their white heads. Blackhead pimples are pores that become enlarged as a result of being clogged with sebum, a naturally occurring oil exerted by the skin, as well as dead skin cells. Blackheads can sometimes appear as a small, dark spot on the skin similar to a mole.

Blackheads are thought to work themselves out of their holes on their own, but many do not, and they can harden and become almost impossible to remove over time. Of the two varieties, blackheads are much easier to prevent and remove, causing less damage to the surrounding skin, little or no bruising, and less recovery time.

Blackheads on the nose can be a challenge to remove, however, as the nose is a sensitive and stationary facial feature. Accordingly, the pressure required to dislodge a blackhead there can be painful. Additionally, with its contours and curves, the nose makes getting a good hold of a pimple hard to do. Nevertheless, you can remove blackheads with patience and the following process.

Nose Blackhead Removal

Woman blowing her nose
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To remove blackheads from the nose, first wash your hands and face several times using your favorite facial bar soap or liquid cleanser and a disposable cotton pad or clean washcloth, then rinse thoroughly with warm water several times.

Let hot tap water run on a washcloth for a few minutes to heat it to the point where it is barely touchable, then wring all of the water from the washcloth and apply it to your face, concentrating on the nose area. When the towel cools, repeat the hot towel process. The steam loosens up pores so that blackheads soften and become easier to remove.

Use a magnifying mirror to identify the worst blackheads by size, but before working on individual blackheads, push the tip of the nose upwards toward your face, wrinkling the bridge to cause all nose pores to expand and release any soft sebum. Soft sebum is the first step in creating a blackhead. Push the nose to release accumulated sebum everyday. Use a facial tissue to clean the sebum off and disinfect with an astringent. This process is a bit painful but when done everyday, over time it hurts less and less.

For any stubborn blackheads that remain, use a tissue to apply gentle squeezing pressure to the pimple pore. If the blackhead resists, wait one or two days and repeat the process. Complete the regimen by applying an astringent to the affected area.

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