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Carmex lip balm has been around since 1937 when it was invented by Alfred Woelbing over his stove top in Wisconsin. The family continued making the balm and pouring it into little yellow cap jars. The popularity of Carmex grew and the company expanded. Aside from the original lip balm, the company now manufactures various lotions and different types of lip balms. The company is still a family owned business. Over the years, people have found that Carmex lip balm has many more uses than just helping chapped lips in the winter.


Carmex lip balm is a good moisturizer for your lips; however, the lip balm can be used to moisturize other chapped areas of the body. Many people use the lip balm to heal dry skin in tough areas such as elbows and knees. Even the bottom of your feet near the heal area can be healed with daily use of Carmex lip balm. The balm comes in handy during the winter season because skin tends to dry even after applying lotion.

Eyebrow Maintence

Most of us never think to use lip balm as part of our grooming regimen, but Carmex lip balm can help tame those unruly eyebrows. Dabbing a little bit of balm on the tip of your middle finger and gently stroke the areas where your brows are not in shape. It helps give definition to your eyebrows that lasts throughout the day. Men often use Carmex to help maintain their trimmed mustache or beard.

Hair Dye

If you dye your hair, Carmex lip balm is useful in preventing those unnecessary dye stains on your skin. By placing Carmex around the areas of your forehead that separate it from the hairline, it can prevent your skin from staining while you dye your hair. Not only does the dye wash off easier when Carmex is applied, but it prevents dye from running off your hairline and onto your ears, forehead and neck.

Cold Remedy

With winter, comes cold or flu season. Carmex lip balm can be extremely useful in healing that dry skin underneath your nose that becomes sensitive from excessive nose blowing during a cold. Apply a little bit of Carmex lip balm with a cotton swab and gently stroke the outer rim of the nostrils to help heal the skin. It is best to do this at night so the skin can heal while you sleep.