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Our skin tends to become dry and more sensitive as we get older, since the sebaceous glands slow down over time. While it is tempting to pick up a cleanser that promises to fight the signs of aging, the truth is that any anti-aging ingredients contained in the cleanser would not stay on your skin long enough to have an effect before getting rinsed down the drain. The best cleansers for older skin are ones that are gentle and water soluble so that they rinse cleanly.

Misconceptions About Cleansers

Two assumptions that people make about facial cleansers that are not true is that a cleanser has to foam in order to clean well and that more expensive is better when it comes to face care. Foaming cleansers do not clean any better then creamy, but water soluble, cleansers. In fact, they can be harmful, because some of the same ingredients that cause a cleanser to foam can irritate skin and strip necessary oils. Tests have shown that there are quite a few inexpensive drugstore cleansers that clean as well, if not better, than much more expensive brands. Also, many expensive skin care lines are made by the same company as the drugstore brands and sport similar formulas but with much more expensive marketing and packaging.

Inexpensive Best Picks

One of the inexpensive drugstore cleansers that is hailed by dermatologists, skin-care experts, reviewers and users alike is Cetaphil. It is gentle, nondrying, water soluble and unscented. It has a Gentle Skin Cleanser formula that is effective yet soothing for dry and sensitive skin, but it is not the best choice for makeup removal or oilier skin. The Daily Facial Cleanser formula is better suited for easier makeup removal and for normal to oily skin. Purpose Gentle Cleansing Wash and Facial Cleansers are two other drugstore choices for either dry, sensitive skin or normal skin that work very well.

Great Alternatives

For those who are looking for a natural skin cleanser that is free of harsh chemicals, perfumes and dyes, The Body Shop Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser could be the right choice for you. It is gentle and is suitable for all but those with oily skin. For convenience, Olay Daily Facials cleansing cloths are available in several different formulas for different skin types. They are great for traveling, for slipping in your bag to freshen up on the go or for cleansing at the gym since they are dry. All you have to do is stretch and wet them to release a foamy lather that cleans and removes makeup.

One More Thing

For those looking for something a little bit more luxe, try Clinique's Liquid Facial Soap in the extra-mild and mild formulas. While the extra mild is very gentle and great for those with very dry or sensitive skin, it is not as water soluble as the mild formula. The mild formula is suitable for everyone with slightly dry to slightly oily skin and is best at removing makeup.