Woman wearing mud mask splashing water on her face

Mud masks are among the greatest beauty products available on the market. Available with varying ingredients for your skin type and desired effect, mud masks are a way to pamper yourself. The mud seeps deep into your skin, eliminating dirt and oil, tightening your skin, refining pores and leaving your skin soft and supple.

Allow the mud mask product to set on your skin, not just until the clay is dry but until you begin to see oil seeping to the surface. Even the cleanest skin will show traces of oily residue being drawn out by the mud to reveal the natural beauty of your skin.

Hold your face directly over your bathroom sink when you are ready to remove the mud. Simply scrunch up your face and feel large chunks of dried mud fall into the sink. Once the product has begun to flake off, you can use your fingers to lightly brush off any large chunks.

Dampen a cotton makeup pad with cold water and gently dab the skin to remove the remaining mask. You will most likely need multiple pads to fully remove the mask. Never use hot water after applying a mask, since it will reopen your pores.

Splash your face with cool, clean water to remove any remaining residue. Use your mud mask two to four times per month to keep skin beautiful. Do not be tempted to use the mask more than once a week, since it can tend to overdry even oily, acne-prone skin.