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Jelqing is the word used to describe a technique that men can use in an attempt to increase the length and girth of their penis. The exercises are simple and often described as pleasurable. As with any muscle exercise, results can only be obtained over a period of time. Many advocates of jelqing claim that positive results require at least several months of regularly repeated exercise.


To prepare for a jelqing session the penis should be warmed before the exercise is started as this warmth will increase the pliability of the penile tissues. A towel moistened with warm water can be held around the penis for several minutes. An electric blanket can also be used and is sometimes preferred by men who feel that an overly moist penis has an excessively high surface friction that can cause irritation during the exercise. Most jelqing experts advise the use of a lubricant such as Vaseline to ensure that the skin of the penis does not experience abrasion that can be painful.


Jelqing is also known as “milking” a penis because the action is similar to the action of milking a cow’s teats. Jelqing is accomplished by repeatedly holding the penis gently at the base with the thumb and forefinger and moving the hand up to the head of the penis. This action encourages more blood to flow into the penis and with time the exercise can result in the penis having a greater capacity to hold blood, which results in a larger penis both when flaccid and when erect. Common advice is to perform 100 strokes in a single jelqing session and to repeat the exercise at least five days per week.

Jelqing differs from regular masturbation in that the strokes are much slower and the hand should not caress the sensitive tissues near the tip of the penis. Jelqing enthusiasts advise against jelqing when the penis is erect, preferring to jelq when the penis is in a flaccid or semi-erect condition.

It is also advised that each jelqing session be followed by a cooling down session during which the penis is allowed to cool down to its normal temperature. Taking a hot shower, having sex or masturbating should be postponed until such time as the penis has been allowed to cool down.


According to Medhelp.org, jelqing does have a number of potential hazards and some jelqers report having damaged their penises by aggressive jelqing. Hard squeezing, lack of lubricants and jelqing too frequently may cause either skin damage or internal tissue damage. Jelqing is not painful and any jelqing exercise should be stopped immediately if pain is experienced.

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