The Best Hairstyles for Thin Hair

By Jessica Reed

Thin hair can be tricky to style. It's important to find the right cut to increase thickness and avoiding thinning your hair more. Proper treatment is also essential in keeping your hair healthy and full. A new hairstyle can take thin hair from boring to spectacular.

Thin Hair Styles

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The best haircut for thin hair is to go short. Shorter hairstyles create more volume and give the appearance of thicker hair. Consider a bob to create volume, or add choppy layers to your short cut. This can help perk up your hair, instead of leaving it flat. Those who don't want to go short can try a mid-length cut with layers. Thin hair can work just past the shoulders, as long as there are plenty of layers in the back and fewer layers surrounding your face. Too many layers in front will thin your hair out more. An easy way to create volume that won't require constant styling is to have a perm put in. Curls create the illusion of thicker hair.

Styling Tricks

When styling your hair, use a wide-toothed comb or a brush made specifically for thin hair. This prevents your hair from breaking, and is crucial when your hair is still wet. Try a zigzag part to create volume and keep your hair from lying limp on your head. If you don't have a perm, but want to create some volume, add curls or soft waves to your hair. These can be styled in quickly and will keep the volume during the day. Before styling wet hair, apply conditioner to the ends and use a round brush while drying. Make sure you are holding the blow dryer the proper distance from your hair to prevent breakage. The specific distance should be stated in the instructions. Those with thin hair can also dye their hair or add highlights to help create the look of volume even when it isn't styled.

Things to Avoid

Avoid growing your hair long unless you plan to keep it pulled back all the time. Long hair will weigh your hair down and make it appear thinner than it is. While a mid-length layered hairstyle is typically good for thin hair, if your hair is especially thin on top, avoid this cut and go for something shorter. Never use harsh shampoos or conditioners. Most conditioners can be applied only to the bottom of your hair, but if you need to use one on all your hair, choose a lightweight mousse or spray, instead of a styling gel or thick conditioner.