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Glutathione has become an essential ingredient to many beauty and whitening soaps in the Philippines. Many local and international manufacturers and distributors take advantage of the antioxidant properties of glutathione for many of their skincare products. This vital ingredient helps preserve and protect the body against the damage of free radicals to promote lighter and healthier skin for soap users.

SW+SS Skin Whitening L Glutathione Bar

The SW+SS Skin Whitening L Glutathione Bar is a popular skin lightening soap in the Philippines known for its special formulation of L-glutathione to improve skin clarity and brightness. It promotes the generation of new skin cells, which is essential in providing a clear, radiant and even skin tone.

L-glutathione found in the SW+SS soap is also known as reduced glutathione, a potent compound enabling cellular repair to help the body recover from everyday pollutants. Since glutathione levels in the body decrease through aging, the glutathione formula in its reduced form is an effective way to prevent ultraviolet radiation-induced skin damage.

Belo Whitening Glutathione Kojic Soap

Belo Essentials is a widely known Philippine brand of beauty products established by celebrity cosmetology doctor and dermatologist Vicky Belo and the Belo Medical Group.

The Belo product line features skin whitening products with glutathione and they come in capsule, IV (injectibles), lotion and soap. For its soap offering, Belo offers the Belo Whitening Glutathione Kojic Soap. Aside from glutathione, this whitening soap bar also provides other whitening ingredients like kojic acid and chamomile extract.

Nature Essentials Whitening Soap

The Nature Essentials Whitening Soap features an advance skin whitening system complete with a combination of skin popular skin whitening ingredients glutathione, rosehip seed oil and grapeseed extract. As an antioxidant, glutathione helps prevent skin darkening, maintains the skin's youthful vibrance and allows better regeneration of skin cells. Nature Essentials also contains coconut oil and California prune fruit pulp. All these components work together to help reduce skin darkening, restructure the regenerative qualities of damaged skin, prevent skin from dryness and protect skin from acne and sunburn.

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