The Best Bread Brands

By Nan Kimberling

Fresh baked bread is a wonderful food staple to have on hand but it is not always feasible to find the time to make on a daily basis. Pre-packaged breads from the bread aisle at the grocery store offer substitutes in well known brands for the consumer who is unable to bake himself or does not have access to a quality neighborhood bakery.

Keep packaged, store-bought bread frozen to extend its freshness.

Whole Wheat

Founded in 1932, the North Hollywood-based Oroweat Bakeries ( began selling whole-grain breads during the Great Depression because of the expense of shelling the wheat as well as the cost of the the grain flour. Their dense, packaged whole-grain and multi-grain sliced breads became popular, spreading up the Pacific Coast and then out to states east of California. Today they feature an inner sealed packaging designed to keep the product at its freshest. Oroweat Country 100 Percent Whole Wheat Bread offers 100 calories per slice with 15 of those contributed from fats.

White Sandwich

In the early 1900s, a growing bakery in Indianapolis named Taggart, known for the colorful packaging of the bread it sold, became the starting point of the Wonder Bread Company ( Taggart was purchased by Continental Baking Company in 1925 and became the first bread company in the United States to pre-slice its loaves before sale. The always-soft Wonder Bread Classic White Sandwich Bread is ideal for homemade sandwiches and children's lunchbox favorites. Each slice has 60 calories, with five calories from fats, and as much calcium as 4 oz. of milk.


Trader Joe's Cracked Wheat Sourdough Bread ( is an ideal choice for toasting and for grilled sandwiches. The first Trader Joe's grocery opened in 1967 in Pasadena, California. It's known for its wide selection of affordable hard-to-find items and innovative foodstuffs. Its in-house brand sourdough bread selection offers variety such as four cheese, rustic country, asiago peppercorn, 100 percent whole wheat and multigrain flavors. Loaves are sold pre-sliced or packaged in whole loaf form for splitting lengthwise to make into grilled crusty garlic bread or for stuffing cubes. The calories per slice are 130 with five calories from fats.


Beefsteak Breads Company ( is owned by Interstate Bakeries Corporation. Its sliced, seeded Beefsteak Hearty Rye Bread has a classic rye bite that is an excellent choice for deli sandwich creations which use strongly flavored meats such as pastrami, corned beef or roast beef. Its products initially were baked for use in city delicatessens in famous sandwiches such as the reuben and New York's classic hot pastrami on rye. Flavor choices include soft rye with no seeds, Jewish rye and pumpernickel rye. Each slice contains 70 calories with 10 calories from fats.