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Noxzema is a facial cleanser sold in a blue tub. The original facial cleanser is the brand&#039;s most well-known product, but the company produces a variety of cleansers, shaving creams and acne products. Noxzema has been a popular product for decades; Farrah Fawcett was even featured in a Noxzema commercial in the 1970s.

General Skin Care

Noxzema is often used as a daily cleanser, leaving your skin feeling soft, clean and healthy. Any skin type can use Noxzema including dry, normal, oily or combination skin.

Deep Cleaning

Noxzema original formula cleanser deep cleans your skin, removing dirt, oil and makeup. Some people prefer to slather on the cream on their face and leave it on awhile like a mask treatment. Using the cream as a mask keeps your skin moisturized, as well as clearing up blemishes and making pores appear smaller.

Dermatologist Testing

Noxzema has been tested by dermatologists. Testing the cleanser guarantees the cream is safe for daily use and unless you have an allergy or very sensitive skin, your skin shouldn&#039;t break out or negatively react to the cream.

Sunburn Relief

Noxzema can be used as a natural sunburn remedy. As soon as you notice a sunburn, you can slather on the cream over the burned area. Leave the cream on, don&#039;t rinse. Soak a washcloth in cool water and lay the washcloth over the sunburn overnight. By morning, your sunburn should feel and look much better.

Insect Bites

If you&#039;ve been bitten by an insect such as a mosquito, and you have an itchy bite mark on your skin, Noxzema can help. You can put a small dollop of the cream on the bite and instantly feel relief. The eucalyptus oil relieves the itch with a cooling sensation.

Removing Stains

Noxzema can be used to remove difficult stains. If you have a scuff mark on your patent leather shoes, you can remove the scuff by rubbing a small amount of the cream on the shoe with a cloth. The cream can also remove paint and stains from your hands by washing with it; it is more gentle than turpentine. Noxzema can be used to remove dried glue residue from stickers and price tags; apply the cream and then wipe away.

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