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A lot of people view the dreadlock hair style as an unsanitary Rastafarian or hippie practice. Others see the the rope-like hairstyle as a natural statement of beauty and a point of pride. Starting dreadlocks takes time and patience, but once the locks have grown out, there are benefits to having them.

Low Maintenance

Bad hair days don’t come often to those with dreadlocks. The charm of dreads is in their rustic appearance, so frizz, silkiness, and other cosmetic details that most people worry about are not of concern. There are no hairstyles to fuss through on days when you’re running late.

Fashion Statement

On their own, dreadlocks are an uncommon hairstyle that catch the eye. Longer dreadlocks can be styled differently; an easy, common style is taking two of the outer dreadlocks and using them to tie the rest of the hair into a ponytail. A bandanna tied around the head adds a touch a flair to the dreadlock look.


Another benefit of having dreadlocks is that you do not have to wash your hair every day. It is recommended to wash dreadlocks in a saline solution or specially formulated shampoo so that the oils in shampoo do not break down the matting in dreadlocks. Not having to wash dreadlocks as frequently or as intense saves on shampoo costs.

Statement of Acceptance

Many people claim that growing dreads is less of a religious or hippie movement, but rather a statement of acceptance. By accepting their hair in its natural, unruly state, they found that other people’s opinions of them mattered less and enabled them to make steps towards personal acceptance in other areas. Others felt that growing dreadlocks brought out characteristics such as commitment, patience and greater appreciation for nature.