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Gradient tint sunglasses have lenses that are fully tinted on their upper part and become gradually clearer towards the bottom section. Gradient tinted lenses offer several benefits over the fully-tinted ones, especially when included on prescription glasses, which must offer both protection from the sun and clear vision.

Sun Protection and Unobstructed Vision

Because of their tinted upper part, gradient tint lenses protect your eyes from UV radiation exposure, just like ordinary sunglasses do. However, they also allow you to read or have a closer look on objects without a problem, through the clear bottom part. For example, you can read a newspaper or a book through the bottom part of the lenses on a sunny day, as the upper part blocks the sun rays.


Owning gradient tint lenses can save you from the hassle of having to take off your glasses when you need to read something or check a small object. They are even more useful if you have a sight problem that requires you to alternate between your sunglasses and your corrective lenses. Gradient lenses only require you to move your chin up to alternate between vision through tinted glass to clear glass.

Cost Effective

If you don't need to wear corrective lenses throughout the day, at the office or at home for example, then gradient tint sunglasses can save you the cost of buying separate pairs of glasses for outdoor and indoor activities. The tinted upper part of the lenses can protect you from the sun when you are outdoors, while the clear bottom part resembles the lens of ordinary corrective glasses and allows you to read or watch TV easily at home.


Gradient tint sunglasses are a fashionable option and people can choose them not only for practicality, but for the way the glasses look on them. Also known as clubwear, this type of sunglasses is also not as bulky as pairs of glasses featuring removable clip-on tinted lenses. Top fashion names, including Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, and Gucci offer sunglasses with gradient tinted lenses.