Thai tea is a drink that is served both hot and cold, and originates from Southeast Asia (specifically Thailand, as its name indicates). It is made out of strongly brewed black tea leaves, served with sugar and milk, and is most commonly served on ice. Depending on how the drink is served, there will be a few health benefits to drinking the beverage.


Whether it's served black, or with a hefty does of milk and sugar, Thai tea is a drink that will give you energy. Black tea has about 40 mgs of caffeine in each cup (more than double the amount of green tea), couple that with a tablespoon of sugar and it makes for a drink that will keep you up well past your bedtime.

Lowers Cancer Risks

Though not as high in antioxidants as green tea, the black tea in Thai tea has cancer fighting antioxidants as well. Antioxidants will fight off viruses and diseases in the body as well, thus making tea drinkers more likely to avoid sicknesses. It contains the compounds thearubigen and theaflavin, which are not found in green teas but are just as beneficial to the health as anything found in the Chinese drink.

Lower Cholesterol

High cholesterol can be lowered by drinking Thai tea. This is especially true if it is low in sugar and milk. If a person can also maintain a healthy diet and regularly exercises in addition to drinking Thai tea, their chances of lowering their cholesterol become even better. When cholesterol is lowered, hearts become healthier.

Without Cream or Sugar

Thai tea, by definition, requires the addition of sweetener and cream. Some sugars are quite unhealthy, and cream can be very heavy and fattening as well. So how can Thai tea be beneficial when it has these ingredients? Some people prefer to use soy milk in their tea, which is lactose-free and lowers cholesterol. And instead of using white sugar, many Thai tea drinkers either use artificial sweetener or honey as a healthier substitute.

It's Delicious

The clearest benefit of Thai tea is actually drinking it. When served over ice, it can be one of the most refreshing summer drinks your lips will ever touch. Its black tea spices are strong and robust, and the cream and sweetener are a tasty bonus. Since it's not a terribly unhealthy drink either, Thai tea can be enjoyed without guilt or worry.