Midsection of young Asian woman holding tea pot and pouring tea in a cup while having meal in a Chinese restaurant

The origin of jasmine tea dates to the Song dynasty of China between 960 and 1279 A.D. According to Chinese tradition, jasmine tea is served before dinner. It is often used in aromatherapy since its scent is thought to have calming effects and assist with weight loss. The process of preparing jasmine tea is as delicate as the tea’s taste: it takes time and patience to make a pristine cup.

Buy green tea leaves at a local store or online. It is very difficult to grow your own tea leaf plants. The growing process of green tea leaves requires very specialized growing conditions and harvesting techniques which is hard to match in regions that do not produce tea on a large scale.

Grow your own jasmine plants to make your jasmine tea. Plant small jasmine plants in an outdoor garden next to a terrace that can help support it once the plant starts to grow. Make sure the plant receives steady morning sunlight but not harsh midday sunlight. Check the soil daily and water enough to keep the surrounding soil moist.

Pick your jasmine flowers once the plant matures. Harvest several blooms in the late afternoon and keep in a dry spot. Spread your green tea leaves evenly over a flat surface. Sprinkle the jasmine blooms over the leaves. These flowers bloom at night even after they are picked. Leave the flowers and leaves overnight as the leaves must be exposed to the jasmine for at least 4 hours. Throw away the flowers in the morning.

Repeat this process for a few nights in a row. You can do this for as long as 12 nights, as some top tea sellers do. Store the tea leaves in an airtight container as this will protect them from moisture.

Boil cold water on the stove. Steep your jasmine tea in the warm water when it reaches between 150 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Top off the drink with a few leftover jasmine blossoms. This adds more of a decorative touch since the scent of the blossoms will have dried out. Let the jasmine leaves steep for about 5 minutes and enjoy.


Jasmine tea can be made from other tea leaves such as oolong and black leaves.

For more caffeine, brew jasmine tea that has black leaves.


The tea leaves might collect moisture overnight from being exposed to the jasmine blooms. Heat the leaves in an oven on a very low setting for only a few minutes to remove this moisture.