Tea Tree Oil Recipes for Nail Fungus

By Elizabeth Chaplin

Tea tree oil is extracted from the Australian tree Melaleuca alternifolia. For years, it has been used to kill bacterial, fungal, viral and yeast infections. It is typically sold in homeopathic or alternative medicine shops and is quite popular because it is relatively inexpensive in comparison to prescribed treatments. Tea tree oil can be used on its own or blended with other essential oils for nail fungus eradication.

Tea Tree Oil

One of the easiest ways to use tea tree oil to cure nail fungus is on its own. Simply dip a cotton swab into a small amount of tea tree oil and rub it onto your nails. It doesn't have the most pleasant odor, but it dries relatively fast and produces great results. Also try putting a few drops into your bath to help care for your feet and the rest of your skin.

Oregano and Tea Tree Bath

Oregano oil is also a great fungicidal remedy that can reduce inflammation and pain caused by fungus or yeast infections of the skin. A great way to maximize antifungicidal action is to combine a few drops of tea tree oil, oregano oil (can be substituted for dried oregano leaves) and about a tbsp of olive oil into a large basin of warm water. The olive oil will help not only soften your skin but also penetrate into the nail to remove fungus.

This is a great alternative to paying for a professional pedicure or manicure and will leave your feet and hands soft and touchable. It will make your skin smell like an Italian bakery for a few hours, but the effects are wonderful. Olive oil or tea tree oil can rubbed into the nails for up to two weeks in between oregano baths.

Lavender and Tea Tree Bath

Lavender oil is known for its calming properties in aromatherapy and homeopathy. But in addition to smelling wonderful it also acts as a healing solution that reduces inflammation and irritation on the skin. Lavender is often used to help relieve athlete's foot, eczema and forms of psoriasis. Try combining three drops of tea tree oil with three drops of lavender oil in a large basin filled with warm water. Slosh your feet or hands in the solution for up to 15 minutes, enjoying the relaxation that lavender facilitates and the antibacterial action the tea tree oil carries out. Also try adding about a teaspoon of olive oil to the mixture to help penetrate into the nail and soften your skin.

Other Recipes

A bath of patchouli oil, tea tree oil and warm water is a great way to remove athlete's foot and nail fungus. Patchouli oil is known for its relief of cracked skin, dandruff and fungal infections.

Also try combining a few drops of lemongrass oil with a few drops of tea tree oil. Use a cotton swab to rub the oils into your nail to help reduce athlete's foot and other nail fungus. Lemongrass has a rather pleasant scent, but it can cause skin irritation in some people. A mixture of helichrysum oil and tea tree oil applied in the same manner will also help reduce nail fungus.