Stinger Detox Drink

If you need to get toxins out of your system, there are several detox drinks on the market that claim to rid the body of toxins. One of those drinks, Stinger, claims to flush toxins from all of the body's systems, leaving the body clean for several hours.

What Is Stinger?

Stinger is a detoxifying drink made from all-natural ingredients. Unlike many detox drinks on the market, Stinger is not made from herbs, but from controlled amounts of other natural ingredients, much in the way that vitamins and other drugs are made. The Stinger detox drink is raspberry-flavored to make it more palatable.

Stinger is sometimes used by people who need to pass either blood or urine drug tests. Since Stinger reportedly removes toxins from the urine and the blood, it is possible to pass a urine test or blood test, while the Stinger drink itself is undetectable by the tests. Detoxifying the body with Stinger should temporarily remove any drugs in your system.

What Stinger Does

The makers of Stinger claim that the ingredients in their detox drink work together to clean out the entire body on a cellular level. This includes cleaning out the digestive system, saliva, blood, sweat, tears, the liver, fat cells, the hair and urine. The flushing of all of these systems should occur within one hour and you will remain clean for up to six hours. The peak time that the body will be toxin-free is from one hour to 90 minutes after the Stinger detox is taken. After that, toxins that are stored in the fat cells will slowly seep back into the system. After six hours, it will be like you'd never even taken Stinger.

Taking Stinger

Each eight-ounce portion of Stinger should clean toxins from the system of someone who weights up to 230 pounds. If you weigh more than 230 pounds, you must consume two eight-ounce bottles to get the same effect. The company that makes Stinger states that Stinger detox drink works for over 96 percent of the individuals who take it as long as the drink is consumed according to the specific directions on the bottle.

To make Stinger work at its best, all toxins and medications should be avoided for two days prior to the time when you want your body to be clean. Don't eat or drink within four hours of consuming Stinger. Drink the entire bottle of Stinger, refill the bottle with water and drink again. Do this four times. This should cause excessive urination, which is good for eliminating toxins from your body.