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For years, claims have been made that silica gel can help skin, hair and nails grow strong and beautiful. These claims have been rightly founded. But what is silica and what can it do for the skin? Knowing the makeup, other potential benefits, skin benefits and how much and how to apply silica gel can be very helpful on your road to better skin.

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Silica gel is a water-based gel made from silicon and other synthetic materials. It is most used in dietary and beauty supplements. Silica is also used in small packets found in shoe boxes, etc., to keep moisture from building up. Silica and silicon are very similar and are found naturally in many foods such as oat and wheat.

Silicon Benefits

Silicon, which is a key component of silica gel, is essential for life, although it is a little-known element. Silicon helps maintain cell formation and metabolism, helps the structure of connective tissue in the body and even slows the aging process of tissues in the body. Silicon is often given and found as a dietary supplement due to these benefits.

Skin Benefits

For the skin, there are many benefits of silica gel. It is known for absorbing toxins on the skin, helping to keep it clean and free of blemishes and acne. The silicon in silica gel is known to increase the firmness and elasticity of blood vessels in the skin, causing a newer, healthier look. It helps slow the aging process, again helping skin look more vial and healthy. Silica gel, when used as a product on skin, is also a cool substance, keeping inflammation of the skin down. This also helps the skin look smoother and more vial.


The price of silica gel greatly depends on the amount and brand you purchase. Some brands, such as NatureWorks, are only found online or in remote, relatively unknown stores. These silica gels can be priced at anywhere from $9 to $40, though there are some outliers. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell which of these products would be best to buy. One tip is looking for the percentage or amount of silicon or silica in the product. A lot of water or other synthetic materials could signal a weak product in terms of results.


Applying silica gels is generally simple. If the product is a mask type, applying a thin layer smoothly and evenly to the face, allowing it to dry, and then peeling it off is usually called for. If the gel is more of a face wash, applying and rinsing is performed. Whatever the product, purpose, or style of silica gel you buy, be sure to read the label for application instructions for the maximum results possible.