Tongkat Ali is a herb that is used primarily as a aphrodisiac and also to help individuals with erectile dysfunction and other sexual inhibiting issues. This herbal remedy is extremely well known in Southeast Asia and has been compared to the Northern Hemisphere's Viagra. The Pasak Bumi tree is the producer of this herb, which was once used to treat malaria. While this remedy does have many benefits and few side effects at normal doses, at higher doses it also does have some side effects.

Body Temperature

Users of this herb noticed that their body temperature remained higher than normal.


Tongkat Ali has been known to cause individuals to become restless and impatient. Some individuals taking the herbal remedy reported that they became angry for no apparent reason.

The Heart

While there is not enough research to show whether this herb can have damaging effects on the heart, it is known that high doses of this herb can increase heart rate. Anyone with heart disease should not take this herb.

Insomnia and Fatigue

Tongkat Ali stimulates the human body to produce testosterone. If too much testosterone is produced, the individual taking the herb may face insomnia and become extremely tired.

Immune System

An over-generous amount of testosterone may also cause the immune system to not function properly. This can have hazardous effects on healthy individuals and even more damaging effects on individuals with immune deficiency disorders.

Health Issues

Individuals who suffer from heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease or diabetes should not take this herbal medication. Not all of the possible side effects occur with use, but a physician should be consulted in order to discuss any possibilities.