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Myocalm is a dietary supplement that is manufactured by Metagenics. It comes in tablet form, and aims to encourage relaxation of the muscles, as well as to decrease minor aches of the muscles. The supplement is intended to be used by individuals that are having problems sleeping and relaxing their bodies and minds. Some of the primary ingredients include lemon balm extract, passionflower, magnesium, calcium and Valerian root extract. As with most medications and supplements, there are side effects that could occur due to taking Myocalm.

Allergic Reaction

Myocalm use could lead to an allergic reaction. Some common symptoms of allergic reaction include itchiness, breaking out into hives, tightness of the throat or chest, difficulty breathing, headache, skin rashes and swelling.

Serious Effects

A possible serious side effect of taking Myocalm is hallucinations. Should hallucinations occur in a user of Myocalm, immediate medical attention must be sought.

Minor Side Effects

Some possible minor side effects of Myocalm include nausea, throwing up, diarrhea, low body temperature, extended difficulty falling asleep, blurry vision, coordination problems, tingling, numbness, head pounding and headache. Medical attention is necessary should these side effects persist.

Mental Side Effects

Myocalm could also lead to some mental side effects, particularly feeling overly excited. Another possible mental side effect is the feeling of being overly relaxed. These effects are often minor, but can be dangerous if they persist.

Health-Care Provider

In order to avoid any side effects, if at all possible, speak with a health-care provider before beginning use of Myocalm (as with most other medicines and nutritional supplements).