Because vodka is relatively odorless and tasteless, it lends well to all manner of delicious concoctions. Using vodka in drink mixes allows fruit flavors to flourish without being overpowered by a strong taste of alcohol. Sherbet is a great way to jazz up the traditional vodka drink, creating light and fruity cocktails, punches and cocktails.

Fruity Punches

Sherbet is a staple ingredient for a great punch. To make a vodka sherbet punch, a fizzy soda such as ginger ale is an essential ingredient. Any light-colored citrus soda or citrus-flavored sparkling water can be also be used, but purists tend to lean towards the traditional ginger ale for punches. Fruit juice, such as cranberry or orange, can be added in for an additional boost of fruit flavor. To avoid the added sugar, use fresh-squeezed orange juice. To make the punch, mix together soda, vodka and juice in a large bowl first, then add the sherbet. The sherbet will react with the soda, fizzing up nicely. The punch can be stirred slightly, but the sherbet should be allowed to melt in at its own pace to keep the punch cold.

Grownup Smoothies

Smoothies are a popular non-alcoholic drink, but can be turned into an adults-only beverage with a few splashes of vodka. A blender is essential for making a smoothie, and will create a thick, frothy drink packed with icy flavor. For a sherbet smoothie, simply blend together sherbet, vodka, fruit juice and ice. Fresh or frozen fruit is an optional addition. Blend long enough to crush the ice cubes and mix the ingredients, but not long enough to destroy the thicker consistency of the smoothie. Be careful to never put any kind of carbonated drink in the blender as it can get messy.

Creamy Cocktails

Sherbet and vodka can combine to create a more traditional cocktail. The main difference between a sherbet cocktail and a punch or smoothie is consistency. A sherbet cocktail will be a bit lighter and thinner than the smoothie, and unlike punch, cocktails can be made in smaller batches. A sherbet cocktail can be made with either a blender or a shaker cup. Sherbet, vodka, fruit juice and optional supplemental liquor such as coconut rum, grenadine or triple sec is blended or shaken together. The mixture should pour easily into a glass, and should not be so thick that a spoon or straw is required to drink.

Picking a Vodka and Sherbet

Both vodka and sherbet come in a variety of flavors. Vodka can be plain, or come in such flavors as blackberry, vanilla, orange or lemon. Likewise, sherbet could be raspberry, strawberry or orange, among other choices. While most sherbet and vodka flavors will combine well together, some winning combinations will result from thoughtful pairings, for example a vanilla vodka and orange sherbet will taste like a Creamsicle. The great thing about sherbet vodka drinks is that experimentation almost always tends to taste yummy. As an additional tip, try to keep all liquids in the refrigerator before use. Warm vodka, sodas and juices will prematurely melt the sherbet, leaving the drinks a bit less cold and creamy than desired.

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