Rabbit Wine Opener Instructions

By Athena Hessong

Make opening a wine bottle easier with a rabbit wine opener. These openers have two grips on one side which resemble the ears of rabbit. A corkscrew built into the opener does not require twisting, but through a series of levers built into the rabbit wine opener, the corkscrew gets pushed into the cork and pulls it from the bottle. A cork release mechanism keeps you from having to twist the cork off the end of the corkscrew after you pull it from the bottle.

Vaguely resembling a rabbit, these corkscrews require no twisting.

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Step 1

Cut off the foil seal and remove the wax covering from the bottle if your wine bottle has either of these.

Step 2

Lift the corkscrew in the rabbit wine opener by pulling down the single handle on the top of the opener.

Step 3

Arrange the wine opener on the bottle by putting the "rabbit ear" gripping handles on either side of the top of the bottle and centering the corkscrew over the cork.

Step 4

Hold the grips of the wine opener in one hand, use your other hand to pull the corkscrew handle back up over the opener to insert the corkscrew into the cork.

Step 5

Move the corkscrew handle back to the front, as you did to lift the corkscrew, to remove the cork from the wine bottle.

Step 6

Open the gripping handles ("rabbit ears") to release the wine opener from the bottle.

Step 7

Move the corkscrew handle to the top of the opener to lower the removed cork on the corkscrew, and close the gripping handles around the cork.

Step 8

Pull the corkscrew handle forward to pull the corkscrew out of the cork which remains gripped between the gripping handles. Open the gripping handles to dispose of the cork.