Putting Fish Oil on Wrinkles

By Amma Marfo

Whether the lines on your face are starting to look more troublesome than well aged, or if you are just beginning to notice wrinkles, anytime is right for trying to take care of your skin. While you'll want to take up certain beauty rituals such as washing your face each night before bed or using moisturizers regularly, another way to try to diminish wrinkles is to use fish oil. Putting fish oil on wrinkles can help rehydrate the skin, potentially reduce acne and minimize the look of aging.

Fish oil has many health benefits, including skin care.

Step 1

Hold a single capsule of fish oil over a small bowl between your thumb and forefinger. With a knife in your other hand, carefully slit open the capsule.

Step 2

Squeeze out the oil from the capsule by aiming the slit downward toward the bowl and squeezing the capsule lightly.

Step 3

Dab a cotton ball over the oil or rub the tips of two to three fingers in the oil. Apply the oil to your face around the trouble areas in a circular motion. Avoid getting any fish oil in your eyes as you work around the wrinkles near the eye.

Step 4

Let the oil remain on your face for up to 20 minutes to absorb into the skin. Rinse the oil off with clean water. Wash your face to remove any excess oil from the surface of your skin. Do not apply moisturizer or makeup to your skin for at least 30 minutes after an oil treatment.

Step 5

Repeat your fish oil facial treatments weekly to begin to see steady results.