Pros & Cons of Rimless Glasses

By Mike Smith

Rimless eyeglasses are available with a variety of frames. The arms and nose pieces are attached to the lenses by tiny screws instead of lenses that completely circle them.

No frame surrounds the lenses of rimless eyeglasses.

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Rimless glasses are less noticeable than eyeglasses with traditional frames because the transparent lenses are difficult to see. The arms and nose pieces are usually as small as possible to further reduce the visibility of the glasses. These are a good choice if you want to reduce the impact of your glasses on your appearance.


Rimless glasses tend to be more expensive and are significantly more fragile. Their thin arms are more easily bent than the arms of a traditional frames. The screws that affix the nose pieces and arms also have a tendency to gradually loosen and require some maintenance.


If you only occasionally wear eyeglasses, the extra care and cost associated with a rimless frame may not be justified. They are also probably a poor choice for children or other people who might have difficulty taking care of fragile items.