With acne affecting everyone from teenagers to adults, a search for the perfect solution to clearer skin is always underway. Approximately 17 million Americans are afflicted by acne. Unfortunately, there is no single cause of acne, meaning there is no single solution. One successful method may not work for everyone suffering from this skin condition.


One major cause of acne is oily skin. Oily skin creates blackheads, clogging pores and allowing pimples to appear. The best acne-ridding solution targets the root cause of the problem.


One misconceptions about acne is that dirt and sweat cause breakouts. In fact, people who wash their faces too much for fear of dirt may do more harm by irritating and drying out their skin. Another misconception is that certain foods cause acne.


Proactiv Solutions is one product designed to treat acne. Two dermatologists developed this three-step solution to treat acne: renewing cleanser, revitalizing toner, and repairing lotion. Other items available for purchase include moisturizer and oil control products. Items are available through Proactiv's website, with a money-back guarantee.


Neutrogena is another product that effectively treats acne. Unlike Proactiv, buy Neutrogena's products in stores, making it convenient when you don't wish to wait. It is also more cost-effective.

Neutrogena offers many products many designed specifically for teens, women or men.

The Major Difference

The critical difference between Proactiv and Neutrogena is the main ingredient. Proactiv uses benzoyl peroxide. This agent kills bacteria that leads to breakouts. By killing bacteria, benzoyl peroxide unclogs pores leading to clearer skin. Neutrogena's main ingredient is salicylic acid. This acid reduces the oiliness of skin, and thus clogged pores, the major causes of breakouts.

Talk to a Professional

Talk to your dermatologist if using either of these products does not work or causes complications or for advice on which medication is best to treat your acne.

A massage is another person with whom to discuss acne problems. With plenty of experience with many skin types, a massage therapist can give useful advice to deal with acne.