Popular Women's Short Haircuts From the 1980s

By LeafTV Editor

The 1980s brought eccentric music, colors and styles to the world. Haircuts in the '80s were no exception. With the punk rocker look came the punk hair look and the punk hair colors. Hairspray and combs that could tease and frizz hair became the tools of choice for hairstylists during this decade. Cyndi Lauper and Pat Benetar led the short haircut revolution in the 80s.

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Popular Womens Short Haircuts From The 1980S


The Bob

After the 1970s and the decade of the hippie look, the '80s brought a cleaner, shorter cut called the bob. The bob is a cut that falls anywhere from the chin to the shoulders. This cut is all one length and, when done correctly, it adds body and bounce to the hair. The length wasn't the only variation of this cut; layers could be added and bigger was better. The hair could be feathered and frizzed out to add body and create the big hair look that was so popular in the '80s. Bangs could be worn straight or teased high and sprayed with hairspray.


With the '80s also came the punk look. Wild and wacky was the name of the game when it came to this look. Short bobs could be hairsprayed straight up into the air to give the crazy look. Pinks, blues and reds were often added to the hair to add to the look. Short layers were associated with this look, which were inspired by rockers like Cyndi Lauper and Madonna.

The Mullet

One of the other popular short hairstyles from the '80s was the mullet. The mullet consisted of short hair on top with longer hair in the back. This was a popular look for both men and women during the 1980s and into the '90s. With the shorter hair on top, you could feather your bangs and leave the rest straight. Other popular looks with the mullet were either perms or crimping of the longer part of the hair.

Super Short Cut

Sinead O'Connor and Annie Lennox introduced the super-short boy cut to women. This cut was worn very short to the head and could be worn either down or spiked up. With the advent of all the new colors that were introduced in this decade, women were able to wear there hair super short and add vibrant colors to mimic their personalities. An advantage of this cut was how easy it was to do. A comb through in the morning and you were ready to start your day.