Finding the perfect swimsuit is always a challenge. The challenge can increase for the plus sized individual who might have limited options available for swimming or might feel uncomfortable in options made available to her. Fortunately, alternatives to the swimsuits found in stores are available so that the plus sized individual can feel comfortable and enjoy a day of swimming or at the beach.

Swim Dress

For plus sized ladies who are uncomfortable in the basic swimsuit, a swim dress is another option. The swim dress is made from the same materials as the traditional swimsuit, but it has a skirt at the bottom. Swim dresses come in several style options, such as a halter top, tank top style or styles to hide problem areas. They are either one or two piece options to suit any personal preference for style.


A tankini is a tank-top styled two piece swimsuit option for plus sized women. The swimwear comes with either a traditional two-piece bottom, shorts or skirt with a tank-top styled top. The top covers the stomach with a slimming fabric in swimsuit material with a two-sleeved tank top style at the neck and shoulders. The available necklines can range from a rounded neck or a v-neck appearance. Some tankinis will tie around the neck for a halter appearance.

Blouson Style Swimwear

A blouson style swimwear outfit is another two piece option, but is fitted at the waist to create a slimming shape to the body. The bottom can range from the traditional two piece bottom to a skort to shorts, depending on your personal preferences. The top looks similar to a tank top shirt but typically ties or adjusts to the body to make the body look slimmer while also hiding trouble spots.

Shirt and Shorts

Swim shorts combined with a shirt is always an option for any individual, including those wearing plus sized clothes. If you are uncomfortable wearing a tank-top styled swimsuit top, you can cover up by putting a t-shirt over the outfit. This is especially helpful to those with sensitive skin that burns easily, because the shirt helps block the sun and requires less sunscreen to cover up. Use any preferred style of shirt and combine it with a cute swimsuit short or skort for a better cover-up.