Plum Wine Drinks

By LeafTV Editor

Plum wine, a variety of fruit wine made with fermented plums, has a strong plum flavor and is sweeter and more fragrant than wine made with grapes. The thin, red-colored wine can be poured over ice or blended with water and sipped without other ingredients added. Adding plum wine to cocktails, however, adds a memorable fruit-flavored dimension.

Plum Wine Drinks
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Plum Wine Drinks

A decidedly fruitier version of a regular wine spritzer, the plum spritzer is just as simple to make.

This twist on the classic cocktail replaces tequila with plum wine.

Typically made with plum puree, the texture of this cocktail is lightened by swapping in plum wine.

Although cherries are heavily associated with Japan, plums historically hold a strong place in Japanese culture as well. Take your taste buds to Japan with this inspired combination.

Some versions of the recipe call for muddling fresh plums but substituting with plum wine saves that extra step, while kicking up the drink's potency.